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Dynamic Screens, is able to provide made-to-order screens for your venue or show. We have fixed and temporary models for your event. We also hire screens of any size. If you're an organizer with plenty of events each year, you'll find that purchasing the screen is the most economical choice. For an event that takes place once or twice per year, hiring the screen is the better Choice.

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Everyone wants to be able to see a sporting event as if they're right on the sidelines, but as you know, the number of actual sideline positions is very limited. However, thanks to the advent of the LED technology, this doesn't have to be the case, Instead, they can watch it on an Dynamic HD LED screen.
Our LED screens  can be set up in a variety of ways, so it's useful for any type of game. Fixed mounted on a scoreboard or another suitable framework, or hire for the event, Dynamic screens has all angles covered.

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An Indoor LED Screen in Perth, WA is Amazingly Versatile and easy to put up.

An indoor LED screen is the best way to showcase your products. Car shows/exhibitions/trade/cat/walk/conferences typically use LED screens to enlarge the image of whoever is talking on stage. This can make these events seem larger than life, thereby adding to the excitement.

Give Everyone a Great View with an LED Screen for Sports bars in Perth, WA.

What better way to relax and watch your favourite sport with a few of your mates than on a big screen ! order your drinks and cheer them on, wev'e got fixed sollutions or hire for the big day, AFL/NRL/ Melbourne Cup. 

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If you're organizing an outdoor event, you'll be able to take it to a new level of excitement if you hire our mobile LED screens.. These can be delivered by trailer within the city and the surrounding areas, and then left mounted for easy removal once the event ends.                         
Mobile LED screens in Perth, WA are great because they're made to be taken to a variety of locations. This makes it easy to schedule one for your event. It also means that take-down can be as easy as having us hitch up the screen's trailer to a truck and driving away. You'll find it far easier to get your event ready for attendance before the show, and then easy to vacate the premises afterwards.




Dynamic Screens, is able to provide both standard and made-to-order screens for Advertising, all our models are IP65 rated for all weather conditions and come with front or back opening for easy maintenance. If you need shire approval, no proplem, submit your plans to us and we can help with the process.

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P1 shop front displays. 4K ultra HD images that blow the competition away.

Also shop front curtain displays that show your product

and allow up-to 65% of light to come through.


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Sales. Want a free no obligation quote on our range of screens ? Indoor, Outdoor, Trailers of any size. 4K video matrix.

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