Pixel pitch shows the gap between the pixels of LED display. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more pixels per sqm resulting in higher resolution.

We only sell and hire SMD modules.

SMD is a high resolution Surface Mount Board which are silicon sealed boards They are sealed for a long lasting module

100,000  hours life.

We only sell and hire SMD modules.

SMD is a high resolution Surface Mount Board which are silicon sealed boards They are sealed for a long lasting module

100,000  hours life.

Outdoor SMD



Die- casting aluminium cabinet


Below is our sales Catalogue, Please contact us  for any inquiry.

500mmx500mm and 500mmx1000mm indoor Die-casting Aluminum cabinet


512mmx512mm  indoor and outdoor Die-casting Aluminum cabinet


576mmx576mm  indoor and outdoor Die-casting Aluminum cabinet



640mmx640mm indoor and outdoor Die-casting Aluminum cabinet


Indoor HD LED Display


Fixed Installation LED Display


Outdoor  LED Display


Indoor LED Display


Curved LED Display


Front Opening Cabinets


Light poles LED Display

Perimeter & Stadium LED Display

LED Perimeter Display Screen Features

  1. Convenient to install and disassemble

   Our Sport LED Display cabinets feature simple designs, making them easy-to-install and disassemble.       The cabinets include interlocks, as well as external signal and power sockets.

  1. Adjustable inclination angle

   Generally, the LED perimeter displays are placed vertically and the inclination angle is         adjustable for the best  possible viewing and cameras shooting angles.

  1. automatic backup system

  2. Our LED Displays could utilize two computers to ensure interruption-free display of images and videos. For instance, if one unit was to shutdown due to technical issues, the other unit acts as a back-up solution automatically.


Mobile LED/VMS Display      For Hire or sales Inquire Here


Mobile LED Displays & Hire

1- Easy setup, IP65/66/67 Weather rated, Indoor or Outdoor for any event. 

Mobile VMS Displays Sales & Hire


VMS Specifications

  1.                                      Solar VMS Trailer

  2. Specifications

  3. Trailer

  4. 1  Construction

  5. Corrosion resistant square tubular steel frame

  6. 2  Dimensions

  7. Overall length 138” (350 cm), width 79” (200 cm), Traveling height 133” (300cm)

  8. 3  Finish

  9. Orange/yellow paint finish

  10. 4  Fenders

  11. Arc fenders over each wheel

  12. 5  Springs

  13. Double-eye leaf springs

  14. 6  Axle

  15. Tubular steel axle

  16. 7  Tires

  17. 185/75R14, load capacity 800kg(1764lbs)

  18. 8  Leveling jacks

  19. Four (4) leveling jacks with 90 degree rotation

  20. 9  Lift System

  21. Electric actuator to lift and lower screen. Input voltage: 12VDC, MacxCapacity :6000 lbs

  22. 10 Other

  23. Leveling jack, safety chains, 2” ball coupler taillights and refelectors



  26. Solar Power System

  27. 1  Description

  28. 500 watt solar power system with auto charger and batteries

  29. 2  Solar Panels

  30. 2 – 18V/250W Monocrystalline solar panels

  31. 3  Panel control functions

  32. Electric control of panel lift and tilt

  33. 4  Battery

  34. 4 – 12V/200AH Lead-acid valve-controlled battery contained in locked storage box.


  36. Display Specifications

  37. 1 Display Size

  38. 131”x75.5”  (3328(W) x1920(H)mm

  39. 2 Pixel Pitch

  40. 16mm

  41. 3 Pixel Matrix

  42. 120 x 208 pixels Full Matrix


  44. 4 Module Size

  45. 256*128*35mm

  46. 5 Physical Density

  47. 3906/㎡

  48. 6 Pixel Configuration

  49.  Yellow

  50. 7 Viewing Angle

  51. 120°/60° degree

  52. 8 Brightness

  53. >2500cd/㎡

  54. 9 Max. Power Consumption

  55. ≦800W/㎡

  56. 10 Viewing Distance

  57. 65ft ~ 175ft (20m ~ 55m)

  58. 11 Service Access

  59. Hinged Rear Door Panels

  60. 12 Construction

  61.  Aluminum Frame with Powder Coat Finish

  62. 13 Cabinet IP rating

  63.  IP 58

  64. 14 Character Sizes

  65.  13 character fonts ranging from 3” to 30” (80mm to 768mm)

  66. 15. The sign will display 3 lines of 20” characters, with 13 characters per line


  68. Operating Specifications

  69. 1 Programming

  70. Using software from Windows PC or Laptop

  71. 2 Communication

  72. GPRS Remote control and/or USB

  73. 3 Security

  74. Password Protected

  75. 4 Language

  76. English

  77. 5 Operating  Range

  78. -30°C to 75°C.


  80.  Warranty

  81.  3 year warranty for Display, 1 year warranty for trailer and battery



  84. AGGREGATE TRAILER MASS (ATM): is the total mass rating of the trailer (unhitched) when it’s carrying the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer

  85. Gross Trailer msss (GTM): is the total mass rating that can be imposed on the trailer’s axle when the trailer is fully loaded and coupled to the towing vehicle.

  86. 1160kgs

  87. Weight of the trailer not including the LED screens

LED Advertising Player


  • Diversified Terminal Access,3G, WIFI, and Fiber

  • Large-scale Digital Advertising Network Supervised to One Distributing System For Unified Administration

  • It can send video or pictures by intelligent terminal APP to realize intelligent interactive with Smart Advertising player

  • Automatic Brightness and Temperature Adjustment Design by Monitor System

  • With IP level 65, screen can be used outdoor even against bad weather

  • High Brightness and Gorgeous Colorful Display of Pictures and Videos

  • Super Thin Cabinet and Light Weight with Fashion Shape

  • High Value Solution with Low Maintenance and Running Cost



  1. WIFI 4G wireless control etc, achieving the synchronous and asynchronous control ,achieving Large-scale

  2. cluster control and management, transmitting without distance limit. Intelligently response to the brightness of the outer environment and regulate the brightness automatically, temperature and humidity monitoring , more

  3. safety ,energy saving and environmental protection

  4. It can send video or pictures by intelligent terminal APP to realize intelligent interactive with Smart Advertising player

  5. Integrated WIFI multimedia intelligent terminal, can be connected through intelligent terminal free WIFI, and push the advertising information to the intelligent terminal

  6. High definition and high brightness, Lifelike images, gorgeous color

  7. Two sides display, grand appearance, beautiful and special shape, achieving the individual design

  8. Quick installation, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

Die-casting Magnesium Cabinet

480mm x 480mm Indoor and Outdoor

512mm x 512mm Indoor and Outdoor

512mm x 768mm Indoor and Outdoor

576mm x 576mm Indoor and Outdoor

640mm x 640mm Indoor and Outdoor

768mm x 7680mm Indoor and Outdoor

960mm x 960mm Indoor and Outdoor


1,024mm x 768mm Indoor and Outdoor

Installation Type Example

  1. Above six installation types are most common for outdoor LED display. Base, Inlaid, Hang, Double Poles Support are most common for indoor LED display.

Control Connection

Service System



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